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might as well get used to the fact that skorean music shows based their winners on the amount of fans they have or how big and well known the group/singer’s company is and not on the quality / how good the song is.

i always feel bad for teen top not getting enough credit that they truly deserve,…


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ricky blocking changjo’s airtime X3


ricky blocking changjo’s airtime X3

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what happened between teen top and mcountdown??? o.O

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8th June 2012 is the 700th day since Teen Top and Angels have met!!!

I’ve gathered all of the members’ ment~

C.A.P hyung “There’re no words to express this I love you”

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Guys guys srsly guys

Is it just me or does LJoe look like he got a nosejob

guys srsly guys guys

NO HE DIDN’T!! He’s a pure guy, no surgery done. if u study his predebut photos, his nose grew just right. believe  me gurl!

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difference of Suho and Kris. they’re so adorable X3

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Am I the Only one that think L.Joe becomes more beautiful or pretty lately? O,O

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[PIC] 120527 EXO-M  @ Incheon Airport  (cr:EXO_MAMA12) 

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is tao crying over the seperation? boy i feel for you <3

luhan looks sad too

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  • Lu han: *fangirl* donald duck.. fan.. me.. big... autograph
  • Donald duck:
  • Kris: he says that he's a big fan of yours and he wants an autograph.
  • is this true people?? respond please! and I need proof!